AA20 Revenue Tickets

The company offers a 20 percent discount off published fares displayed on aa.com for positive space travel on American and American Eagle flights. The discount must be applied at time of ticketing - not retroactively. See Booking and purchasing requirements below. When you use an AA20 ticket, a confirmed reservation is created and you are considered a revenue passenger. This means that you are subject to all requirements and restrictions applicable to the fare purchased, including ticket-change fees. While you are liable for any excess baggage charges, all AA20 eligible travelers are exempt from the first and second checked-bag fees. You are also eligible for all services and amenities provided to revenue passengers.

Eligibility AA20 travel is valid, without limit, for you and the following pass travelers: Your spouse or domestic partner (DP) or registered companion (RC). Your qualified children up to age 24. Your designated parent(s) or parent-in-law(s) listed as D2P. Check the eligibility section for complete information. In all cases, the traveler must be registered before an AA20 ticket will be issued, even if they will not be using non-revenue travel privileges.

Booking and purchasing If you're booking travel more than seven days out: Log on to aa.com to select your itinerary and place your flight(s) on a "24-hour Hold*." DO NOT purchase your ticket through aa.com; and then, Call 1-888-WE-FLY-AA (1-888-933-5922) within 24 hours to complete the purchase. Follow the prompts to reach a representative to assist you. *If you are not able to put your flights on hold, call 1-888-WE-FLY-AA (1-888-933-5922) with your desired flight number(s) and an agent will help you book your AA20 ticket.

If you're booking travel within seven days: Determine the itinerary you want and call 1-888-WE-FLY-AA (1-888-933-5922) for booking, pricing and purchasing assistance. All AA20 discount pricing and ticketing must be done through either 1-888-WE-FLYAA (option 4), or by an Airport or Travel Center agent. It is preferred that team members purchase their tickets through 1-888-WE-FLY-AA in lieu of ticketing at an Airport or Travel Center. Advise the representative that you are a retiree of the company and would like to purchase an AA20 ticket.

Once validated and priced, an electronic ticket will be issued and an itinerary and receipt will be sent. The discount must be applied at time of ticketing; not after the ticket has been purchased. Appropriate charges will be assessed for paid upgrades requested on AA20 tickets and will be handled the same as those of revenue customers using upgrade certificates. AAdvantage upgrade requests are permitted and appropriate AAdvantage policies and charges apply.

If you miss the flight, then you would not be rolled. You have to be checked in and at the gate when the flight rolls: Gate procedures - Please arrive at the gate early due to the following airport operational procedures: For domestic U.S. airports, you should plan to arrive at the gate no less than 45-60 minutes prior to departure. For non-U.S. airports you should plan to arrive at the gate 1.5-2.0 hours prior to departure.

Pre-reserved seats may be released 30 minutes before departure to accommodate other confirmed passengers. Confirmed reservations may be canceled 15 minutes prior to departure to accommodate standby passengers. Jet bridge doors close 10 minutes prior to departure; American Eagle operations may close their doors up to 15 minutes prior to departure.

At the airport, remain clear of the gate area until you are called by name to receive a boarding pass. When given a boarding pass, board as soon as directed and take your assigned seat. Do not ask other passengers to move to improve your seating. If asked to change your seat, change your cabin or deplane, do so quickly and quietly. If you cannot be accommodated on your desired flight, you will be transferred (if you are present) to the priority list of the next scheduled flight and will maintain priority within the same classification based on your original check-in time.

In some high-frequency markets, operational requirements may govern that you are rolled over to flights in one-hour increments only (e.g., between DFW and ORD). Refusing a seat assignment to take an alternate flight for a more desirable seat or higher class of service is permitted on domestic flights only, whether you have checked bags or not. See the Baggage section for specific limitations for international travel. On flights of five hours or more when there are insufficient meals in the premium class, you and/or your eligible travelers may be accommodated but not offered a premium-service meal. This also applies to travel in Main Cabin on flights offering International Flagship Service.

Regardless of whether you receive a meal, normal service charges will apply for the cabin in which you are accommodated. It is important you advise your travelers not to request a meal on board if not offered.

Check-in policies: Non Rev travel. You may check in for travel as early as 24 hours before departure. For domestic travel, you may not check in later than one hour before the flight's scheduled departure time on the travel system or mobile applications. For international travel, you may not check in later than two hours before the scheduled departure time on the travel system or mobile applications. All travel documents must be verified by scanning your passport at a kiosk or with an agent at the airport. Once you have checked in and are on the airport list, you may only change your boarding priority by cancelling your original listing and creating a new PNR, thus receiving a new check-in time. Do not ask airport personnel to change your boarding priority.

You and your travelers may only be listed and checked in for one flight from the same departure city on the same day. If you and your travelers do not intend to travel on a specific flight, you may not check in for that flight in order to be rolled to a later flight for the purpose of obtaining an earlier check-in time. All parties in your group must be present at the gate for the original flight to be rolled over to the next AA HR has established a retiree non rev help line for common questions, 1-844-543-5747.

If you need to talk with someone between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm they should be able to help. You will need to listen to the prompts and select the one that addresses your question. If you are not sure which prompt than select "0". If you need to reset your password or you are locked out follow the suggestion below. If your Password hasn't been disabled:

  • Log In to Sam.aa.com
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Enter employee number and enter
  • Answer the security questions
  • Reset your Password

If your Password has been disabled or you have been locked out Contact 1-918-833-3333 for Password assistance. AA technical support is more than willing to assist, you just need to be persistent with getting through to them. Please follow these prompts once you call in: Prompt #3 for AA assistance including password resets and locked out. Enter your AA emp # if asked. Why Should I register My AA Number? Many of you do not fly. However, in the event of an emergency the ticket counters have no way to identify you and help your family. Please register your new AA number. If you need help contact employee.travel@aa.com. * Use the information provided on Wings Home page to register - show PHX as the location, start date could be a day off, etc. Please use the information that you are given on the web site to register. It is very important that you also answer your Security Questions and setup your Secure Flight information. Most of you have done this already when you registered your new aa number.

Codes for Non-Revenue Standbys:

  • D1 = Team members and their dependents using a vacation pass
  • D2 = Team members and their dependents
  • D2R = Retirees
  • D2P = Parents
  • AAC = Non-wholly owned team members
  • *Note: Non-wholly owned team members will be prioritized above D1s on their own metal
  • D3 = Guests
  • ONE = oneworld airline team members, retirees and eligible travelers
  • ZED = Other airline team members, retirees and eligible travelers Any time you see a "T" after these codes, it stands for through. Remember, they won't show up on the priority list until they've been assigned a seat on their first leg.

AA HR has established a retiree non rev help line for common questions. 1-844-543-5747
If you need to talk with someone between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm they should be able to help.
You will need to listen to the prompts and select the one that addresses your question.
If you are not sure which prompt than select "0".

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