Mr. Edwin I. Colodny - Retired Chairman
Convention Speaker receiving a Douglas DC-3 and Boeing 737-300 from Soaring Eagles

The Honorable Robert L Sumwalt is appointed to a third five year term with the NTSB.
The United States Senate confirmed Robert L Sumwalt as Chairman of the NTSB.
Robert L Sumwalt is an Honorary Member of the USAir Soaring Eagles.

Retired USAir Captain Robert L. Sumwalt,
current Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board,
receives Soaring Eagle award in recognition of his service

presents an Eagles plaque to our friend Jeane Fawley of the USAir Credit Union

Joe Kernan and Dave Buterbaugh - 2016

Patte and Tony Garafalo

Honorary Soaring Eagles Oz Lamonds DCA Base Manager and Charlie Pyles CVG Historian

Captain Ray and Donna Thomas
Ray flew the 727 "Proving Runs" (Under Duress) to Cuba in the 1970s

Captain Joe and Donna Kernan "Waltz Across Texas"

Captains Paul Redmond, Bob Marlow and Al Mooney renewing friendships

Captain Bill and Jacque Leefe - 2014 Orlando Convention

Don Nippert and Gerry Milburn observe the good times by all

Captains Frank Burns and Dan Friel discussing their most recent revisions

Ready for the Banquet

Sharon Bohannon and Gloria Latham

Elizabeth Privette, Robert Sumwalt, John Privette and Gerald Milburn

Captains Joe Kernan, Bob Flom and Ed Dingivan

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