Director of Flight Operations Captain Gerald Milburn and crew were honored to transport our USAir Group Chairman Seth "Butch" Schofield and Mrs. Diane Schofield to Boeing Field in Seattle for a celebration of the 300th Boeing delivered to USAir.
The "Ideas That FLY" Boeing 757-200 was utilized for this special trip.

Captain Norm Rintoul and the Stinson Gull Wing with All American.

Captain Rintoul All American Model 18 Beech All American Airways.

Captain John Harkin, Captain Toby West, Captain Kip Barraclough
Youtube films about the history of air mail pickup "ALL AMERICAN AVIATION"

DC-9-32 Roll Out of The "NEW LIVERY" USAir - PIT HANGAR.

We used to say jokingly, the BAC could do everything except sneak out of town.

DC-9 * B-727 * B-737 caught on the ramp.

FAA Inspector Harold Simpson, Flight Manager Boeing 727 Training Captain Dave Grieco,
Manager of Flight Operations Captain Gerald Milburn during Bermuda proving runs.

N656US BOEING 767-200ER sports newest USAir paint scheme.

Thanks to Captain Don McLane for some great historical photos

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