43rd Annual Reunion of the Soaring Eagles
--- October 25, 26 and 27, 2019 ---

Make plans now to join in.
The 2019 Reunion Registration Form is - - > HERE < - -

Our Host Hotel is the Tampa Marriott Westshore,
Tampa FL  for $119.00 USD  per night.
Click - - > HERE < - - to make your hotel reservations.
Hotel direct number (813) 287-2555

A Little History

USAir became a company created by mergers involving several airline companies which brought effective resources to the system in the form of routes, equipment and well qualified employee groups.

The management team developed by Mr. Leslie O. Barnes began a movement toward a growth pattern developing into one of the largest and most efficient airlines in the world. Mr. Barnes was succeeded by Edwin I. Colodny as President and Chairman.

Mr. Colodny established a great management team that included Mr. Seth "Butch" Schofield, the eventual President and Chairman.

These officers took advantage of opportunity to grow and prosper. Mergers were brought to completion that considered the welfare of all employees in addition to strengthening the airline marketplace standing. Allegheny, Lake Central, Mohawk, Pacific Southwest, Piedmont are the airlines that formed USAir.

This website is intended to recognize the contribution made by Employees and Managers who built the USAir Airline Company.

Aerie Newsletters

Current News

Posted 10/9/2019
Flown West - Captain William Tracy
See Pathfinders for details
Posted 10/8/2019
Ship for our Soaring Eagles Cruise
Posted 9/29/2019
Welcome to our newest members:
Pamela Stepanian, Pat Riley, Jan Grieco, Pamela Dunlap, Vicki Johnson, Pamela Orbe, Barbara Gonzalez, Linda Friend, and Gayle McGlinn.
Sign up for the Reunion and welcome these Ladies in person.
Posted 9/29/2019
Flown West - Captain Bill Patchett
See Pathfinders for details
Posted 9/29/2019
Celebration of Life - Dan Friel
Barbara Pressley has planned a Celebration of Life for Dan Friel as follows:
October 12, 2019 3:00 to 5:00 PM
American Legion Post 130
400 Oak St
Falls Church, Va 22046
Posted 9/19/2019
An Eagle Flies West - Captain Charlie Boivin
See Pathfinders for details
Edited 9/9/2019
An Eagle Flies West - Captain Dan Friel
See Pathfinders for details
Posted 8/11/2019
An Eagle Flies West - Captain Earl Bates
See Pathfinders for details
Posted 8/4/2019
An Eagle Flies West - Captain Earl Stone
See Pathfinders for details
Posted 8/4/2019
Reunion Hotel Reservations
When you are making hotel reservations via the internet, you can do everything except to choose the option of a single room with two beds. In consultation with the Sales Staff at Tampa Westshore Marriott we offer the following guidance. Make all of your selections as you normally would, then since you cannot select a two bed option, you will have to contact the hotel. They will make that change for you. Simply email johannaarteaga@marriottsales.com or call her at 813-282-5812 , and she will edit your reservation to reflect a two bed option.
Posted 6/30/2019
New Member
Welcome to our newest Eagle, Captain Doug Burke who is the son of Captain Ed Burke who was hired by All American Airways in 1950. The Burke's were able to fly together before Ed retired some years ago.
Posted 6/12/2019
Flown West
Information will now be found on the Button on the Top Navigation bar.
Posted 5/21/2019
Welcome New Eagles
Please join me in Welcoming our three newest Eagles.

Captain Ron Friedhoff, Allegheny DOH 1/79 and a retirement date exactly one month from today. Welcome aboard the Soaring Eagles Captain Ron, and Happy Retirement on 6/20/19.

Ginny Friedhoff, Ron's wife Allegheny DOH 1/79 and the date that she quit flying is unclear at this time, but she s did stop flying.

I had the p[pleasure of flying with the Friedhoff's when I was a fairly new Captain in DCA,, and we had a great time. I look forward to reminiscing with them about the good times at the upcoming reunion.

Our third new member Patricia Riley, was hired as a Flight Attendant by Mohawk Airlines 5/69 and flew until 1/2005. She and her husband Robert reside on the West Coast, but we hope they will be able to join us in Tampa this year.

Captain Joe Kernan, President
Posted 5/8/2019
The 2019 Reunion Registration Form has been added.
You can access it - - > HERE < - - or from the top navigation bar under the Reunions Button.
Posted 2019
Member dues are now payable January 31 each year. Current REGULAR dues $40.00, Members age 80 by January 31st dues are reduced to $25.00.
The Soaring Eagles need your support. Make your check payable to the USAir "Soaring Eagles" and mail to Treasurer:
Captain Paul Sturpe, 8860 Peninsula Drive, Terrell, NC 28682. Telephone (828) 478-1133
Remember to include an update of your status.
Posted 2019
A new service for our membership.
Captain Sturpe has set up a PayPal account enabling you to send fees to the Treasurer. Using your PayPal account make your funds payable through PayPal to:
We hope this service makes it easier to stay current as a Soaring Eagle.
or u.s. mail
Captain Paul Sturpe, 8860 Peninsula Drive, Terrell, NC 28682.
Posted 2018

'Soaring Eagles' Officers for 2019

  • President - Joe Kernan
  • First Vice President - Dan Friel
  • Second Vice President - Judy Schmidt
  • Secretary - Judi Todd
  • Treasurer - Paul Sturpe
  • Immediate Past President - John Davis
  • Advisors - Bill Leefe, Bob Knapp, Seth Schofield, Counsel- Ron Natalie

Retired Chairman Ed Colodny accepts his Eagle Award from the Soaring Eagles in recognition of his outstanding service to USAir and the employee groups. Mr. Colodny's appreciation is obvious.

Retired Chairman and CEO Seth "Butch" Schofield displays his Soaring Eagles Award recognizing his outstanding service to USAir Airline and the employee groups.

Chairman Leslie O. Barnes and Flight Attendants introduce modern jet prop service using the Napier powered Convair. The Napier powered Convair was short lived. It was replaced by the Allison powered 580 Convair. The seven Flight Attendants wearing the bright colored outfits were on loan from Hawaii as a promotional plan for the service.

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